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Ghetto Zombies is a colorfull pixel art shooter where the ghetto are the last hope against the zombies. In this humorous apocalypse, graffiti the city and use your crazy guns to defeat fun freaky-zombies hordes!


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An apocalypse in the outskirts


In Ghetto Zombies the outskirts are humanity's last stronghold against the zombies! Join the Ghetto Z squad in this action-packed and humorous pixel art shooting game.

creepy zombies

Explore a world infested with horrifying creatures, unravel the secrets behind the zombie apocalypse. As the final hope for humanity's survival, you can't afford to make mistakes. Arm yourself, upgrade your skills, and never falter in this crucial battle for mankind's future!


the pixel favelas


The game's pixel art is inspired by the Brazilian favelas, especially those from São Paulo, but despite that, the game aims to represent slums from all over the world.